Andrew Taylor’s New Site, After Hours Park Scandals and (a bit) More

PhotobucketMiddlesbrough defender Andrew Taylor has done everyone a select few top professional players a favour with the launch of his new websitePlatinum Players which aims to put right the many monetary injustices our noble pros face each day whilst they’re out buying thousand pound Rolexes or crack cocaine in a sort of ‘Watchdog’ but exclusively for overpaid twats kind of way.

Since the site is only open to the 4,000 professionals whom have been sent login details by Andy T and not to the general public, your man Shilts has been trying to hack into your favourite stars accounts all morning. With limited success:

Frank Lampard:

Member Name: FatLumpardJr

Password: josecomegetmexoxoxo

Wayne Rooney

Member Name: OldNannaShagga69

Password:  ilikesdemraw

Emmanuel Eboue

Member Name: ivorianbabemagnet348

Password: itsallcuminupebouesstreet

Steven Gerrard

Member Name: stevieGscouses4eva

Password: ohDJifuckinhatethissonguscratend

Staan’s Snoopings

PhotobucketWhich Premier League boss has been seen in his local park sniffing dog shit at all hours?

Staan Coollymore says: “Peter Kenyon.”

PhotobucketZidane’s Tips and Fiddles

“Take care when amending medical notes to avoid potential charges of tampering with evidence.”


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