New Shilts Addition Gordon Banksy, Adebayor, Twitter and (a bit) More

PhotobucketTo compensate for there being no actual gossip to report on today, your man Shilts has been busy recruiting a new member to the Perez Shilton team in the shape of cult guerrilla graffiti artist/serial bellend; Gordon Banksy.

He will occasionally stop by the Perez Shilton offices to deliver his satirical masterpieces, cutting the powers that be in the footballing world down to size, shaking up the system and sending a clear message to The Man and the corporatism in the game today, whilst earning a tidy fee for his artwork.

Is he a genius or just a twat with Photoshop? Shilts will let you decide. But he assumes your answer will be the latter.

Here is his first piece entitled: ‘Adebayor Pisses In The Faces Of The Arsenal Fans’ which offers a fresh, thought provoking and insightful view on the Adebayor incident last week:

©Gordon Banksy 2009

As if that wasn’t enough, Shilts has gone all über modern by getting a Twitter account where you can ‘follow’ his pointless ‘Tweets’, delivering you round-the-clock footballing gossip and hearsay that clearly isn’t even good enough to meet the low, low standards required to be in this blog you can’t live without!

Staan’s Snoopings

PhotobucketWhich Stoke midfielder has been spotted by Staan playing strip badminton with Cilla Black?
Staan Coollymore says: “Tuncay.”

PhotobucketZidane’s Tips & Fiddles

“Scrubbing yourself with scouring pads covered with bleach is a good way of getting paint off your skin.”


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