Yet Another 2010/2011 Premier League Preview: Birmingham City

Birmingham City

Ben Foster, Keith Fahey

Two previous recent stints in the Premier League saw the Blues succumb to relegation, yet performed far above expectations last year after being newly promoted, finishing in a highly respectable 9th place. Their miserly defence marshalled by an on loan Joe Hart and his massive diplodocus neck were much to thank for this feat, and with Hart returning to Manchester City and being replaced by the distinctly-average-at-Manchester-United-but-good-for-Watford-if-you-remember question marks remain as to whether they can maintain their upper echelon status.

Birmingham City manager Alex McLeishThe Manager – Alex McLeish

The wunder Scot has performed wonders everywhere he has graced with his managerial presence, yet people often mistakenly ask the question ‘why does he always look so fucking miserable then?’ Due to an unfortunate accident on holiday in Gran Canaria, McLeish slipped and fell face first into some wet cement. This has given his face the complexion of an angry granite gargoyle wearing a ginger wig, yet underneath all this, Al’s just a fun loving guy.


It’s hard to question McLeish’s abilities as a  manager, Chinese millionaire Carson Yeung is bankrolling the club and striker Cameron Jerome has an uncanny ability to blunder in last minute winners by booting the ball into his own face.


They still pay Marcus Bent money.

Did you know?

Lee Bowyer’s mother went through a stage of referring to her son as “Lee Bowyer, you know, that cunt who plays football”.

Best Chant

Keep Right On


Another decent mid table finish, could even sneak into a Europa League spot. Although if captain Stephen Carr’s limbs disintegrate, as Shilts reckons they will any moment now, the Blues could easily drop out of the top ten.


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