Yet Another 2010/2011 Premier League Preview: Bolton Wanderers

Bolton Wanderers

For so long under Sam Allardyce, Bolton and their style of football was frowned upon by opposition fans in the same they might look down upon people who choose to defecate in their own hands in public and then eat the ensuing mess, however as soon as Big Sam left and was replaced by the useless Little Sammy Lee and almost as useless Gary Megson, Allardyce’s achievement in not only keeping Bolton in the league but also challenging for European places was fully appreciated.

The Manager – Owen Coyle

Relatively new boss Owen Coyle managed to keep the Trotters in the league after Megson’s mess last season and not only that, he has his teams play actually attractive actual passing football that doesn’t consist of booting the ball from one of the pitch to the other and having Kevin Davies elbow its way into the goal. A huge step in the right direction for the Wanderers who might hope to emulate the success of Allardyce without the added side effect of appearing to be monumental pricks on the pitch.


Lee Chung-yong is a winger of supreme ability, getting fans on to their feat faster than if you covered their seats in barbed wire and upturned Pickelhaube helmets.


Record signing Johan Elmander is about as useless as paper condom in goal scoring terms.

Did you know?

Kevin Davies has been officially granted permission by fencing authorities to legally use his elbows as a legitimate weapon when competing in tournaments.

Best Chant

Who needs John Terry when we’ve got Shittu?” (To the tune of Chim Chim Cheree)


10-13th, a top ten finish is within their grasp if new signing Martin Petrov performs well, although three years kicking about the benches at Manchester City might have deflated him like a week old balloon.


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