Yet Another 2010/2011 Premier League Preview: Chelsea


community shields: Chelsea v Manchester United - FA Community Shield

When Roman Abramovich first rocked up to Stamford Bridge with more cash than Ritchie Rich after putting all his money on red on a roulette wheel and having it come in, the Blues were scorned across the land for buying their way to glory. The billionaires at Manchester City eclipsing of Abramovich’s millions, like Megatron standing over a midget, has been a blessing for Chelsea’s PR image. Once seen as the playground dickhead who smugly showed off those light-up trainers his dad bought him, they have now piped down a bit after a new kid has turned up and boasted about how his dad owns the company that makes the trainers.

This coincided with their regaining of the title last season from the clutches of Manchester United with easily the strongest all round squad routinely dispatching opposition by huge goal margins. A poor pre-season and defeat to likely closest title rivals Manchester United in the Pointless Community Shield casts a small shadow of doubt over whether they can retain the title this season.

The Manager – Carlo Ancelotti

The suave Italian won the English FA Cup and Premier League double in his first season in charge, a clear statement of his managerial ability and intent. He also has the ability to raise his right eyebrow so high that sometimes he can make it disappear into his hairline.


Huge strength and depth throughout the squad and with little to no obvious weak spots, and in Drogba they arguably, and probably, have the best striker in the world. Bar Dave Nugent.


The sale of long time defensive stalwart Ricardo Carvalho to Real Madrid and loss of squad player Joe Cole to Liverpool could prove to costly, although centre back Alex’s impressive last season and the purchase of Yossi Benayoun could allay this problem.

Did you know?

John Obi Mikel, rumoured to be among the numerous Nigeria players who claim to be younger than they actually are, draws a weekly pension of £90 which he spends on Inspector Morse boxsets, gin and maintenance for his stair lift.

Best Chant

Salomon Kalou” (To the tune of The Animals Came In Two By Two)


Certainly have the quality to win the title again, but Shilts has a sneaky feeling that they will be pipped by United. Second.


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