Rio Ferdinand Hospitalised With Fresh Injury

Rio Ferdinand has been admitted to the casualty ward in a Manchester hospital after a prank or a ‘merking’ carried out by his team mates has gone horribly wrong.

So often the prankster or ‘merker’ himself, Rio became a victim after the prolonged period he spent injured allowed his team mates, allegedly lead by Park Ji Sung, to all change their names to ‘Betfair’ in order to bewilder the United captain.

This worked almost too perfectly, as it sent Rio into a confused state whereby he wedged 42 crayons up his nose and ran head first into a steel door, rendering himself unconscious.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was said to be incensed but also admitted ‘aye, it wor propa funny though, he wen’ an’ banged hezz head on t’wall! Wor’a eejit. Aye’d play John O’Shea every week teh see tha’ again.’

This fresh injury is likely to put Ferdinand out for up to six weeks, a time which he will us wisely to finish his ‘Playdays’ stickerbook, a project and labour of love that he has been working on since he was just 15 years old.


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